Causes of Low Neutrophils

Individuals who are suffering from the issue of a lower number of neutrophils are the ones who are diagnosed with the condition called Neutropenia. It is important for knowing the cases of low neutrophils as these are the cells that are present in the immune system that have the capability of attacking organisms and bacteria that usually invade body. These are a kind of while blood cell. These are the cells that are created by bone marrow. There are chances for them to easily travel through the bloodstream and them move to the parts which are infected. These cells usually release chemicals for killing these microorganisms that are invading the body.


There are various major signs that can be considered as the symptoms related with the causes of low neutrophils. There are chances for the people to understand the condition of neutropenia only after going through blood test for some reason that has got no relationship with this condition. People usually have symptoms due to the infections and also the underlying issues that cause neutropenia. Infections can happen in the stage of complication of the neutropenia. There are chances for these kinds of infections to usually occur with mucous membranes that are present inside mouth as well as on skin. There are various forms in which these infections can appear. It is important for these symptoms appear in the form of abscesses, rashes, ulcers and also wounds that can take longer time for healing. There are various causes for low neutrophils which can also appear in the form of fever. There are chances for going through the risk of serious infection when the duration of these diseases can exist for a longer time period. There are also chances for reduced count of neutrophil also to result in the condition that is really severe and hazardous to the individuals.


The major causes for low neutrophils include nutritional deficiency, infection, destruction of these cells outside bone marrow and also issue in the production of these cells within bone marrow. These are the major causes and also there are many other things that the individuals need to know about the lower neutrophils.

There are chances for the individuals to have the issue in decreased levels of neutrophils due to the issue of being born with some issues in the production of bone marrow. There are also chances for this to be caused by the issues of bone marrow and also leukemia. Chemotherapy and also radiation are other issues that can lead to this condition. Dengue fever, tuberculosis and viral infections like cytomegalovirus are the other infections that can cause this condition. There are chances for the neutrophils to get destroyed in larger amount if the immune system of the body is targeting the neutrophils for their destruction. Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and crohn's disease are some of the autoimmune conditions that can result in the lowering of the neutrophils. This can make the condition of the individual get worst. There are chances for the individuals to get affected by this disease.